Hey, everyone! I know it's been so long (six months!) since I last published, and the reasons for that are technical difficulties and life. I just finished up my freshman year of college, and the second semester was so busy that I just had to no time to read for pleasure, and therefore nothing to write about. Once I got out for the summer, I planned on doing a lot of reading and writing a lot of blog posts, but unfortunately, I've been having difficulties with my website's host service for quite some time. But it's finally up and working again, so I'm back!
    In case anyone was wondering, here's a brief overview of my life the past six months: I did my second semester of college, took some really cool classes, did a lot of fun things with friends and groups at school (including planning an escape room, taking a scary night drive, and buying 30 pizzas), got a job as an RA for next semester, moved out of my dorm and back home, took a trip to New York, turned 19, and spent a bunch of time with family. Needless to say, it's been busy!
    I've also read several books over the last six months, most since I got out of school, so I'll be writing some reviews for those soon! Thanks for sticking with me!


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